Search Engine Optimization is not typically associated with selling homes, apartments, and business space. However, understanding how the search engines work, and how you can use them to your advantage will put you miles ahead of many other brokers and agents in your area. The simple truth of the matter is that if your business is not on the 1st page of Google, you are losing customers to Realtors that have that advantage. Furthermore, understanding how SEO works can be a selling point to any potential home seller, or any other business that may need to use your services.

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is really just another form of “local” SEO whereby the search engines are optimized to give localized results to those searching in the area. But what many don’t realize is that if you know where your potential customers may move from then you can use that knowledge to sell more homes faster. For instance, if someone was moving from out of state or out of country do you know how to target those buyers on the search engines?

Another important aspect of SEO for Realtors is that by using these optimization techniques and tricks you can lower the relative cost for any paid traffic you may get. S.E.O. and Search Engine Management kind of go hand in hand, and understanding how to really target those buying keywords can help you save a lot of money when marketing a home.

So should a realtor actually spend the time to concentrate on this aspect of marketing homes and their own business? That is really up for debate and is up to the person willing to spend the time to do so. However, when you really consider it, the time spent by someone else to do this for you would be a far better way to leverage time and money.

Who Should You Hire For The Job?

googleA true expert can be really passionate about whatever they are doing, and it would take a certain level of expertise and passion to rank any website on a consistent basis. The search engines, namely Google, are constantly changing. In the past 4 years alone there have been well over 20 major updates to the search engine algorithm. Do you really have the time to serve your customers and rank your own website at the same time?

The hallmarks of a great real estate SEO consultant is one who understands the industry as well as what your potential customers really want. It is this combination that is rare to find, but can be found by those who have taken the time to serve this niche. Moreover, if the person can also optimize any paid traffic campaigns you have running, then you are going to be much further ahead than anyone else.

Why This Is Important To You

Getting homes listed and sold fast is how you make the most money in real estate. By selling homes quickly you can build up a reputation in the market as being one of the best. You simply cannot do this without the assistance of several experts who are knowledgeable regarding the Internet. Simply put, your customers are on the Internet right now and if you don’t know how to get in front of them as quickly and as cheaply as possible then you are doomed to fail in this aspect.

Other Search Engines Out There?

youtubePeople generally don’t buy something they cannot see. The emergence of YouTube, and other video sharing websites has exploded the use of video all over the Internet. YouTube is itself a bit of a search engine and it also has its own algorithms. An experienced and passionate expert in SEO would fully understand this and know how to rank your properties listed on these websites fast so that they sell quickly.

amazonFurthermore, there are more search engines out in the marketplace than you may even consider. To further your business, it is vital that you get in front of your target customers with the best message you can deliver in order to instill confidence in you that you can do the job. By using such websites as iTunes (through podcasts) and Amazon (through ebook publishing) you can position yourself as a true market leader and an expert.

itunesOf course, we should also take Yahoo and Bing into consideration.

Getting the top listings on the search engine is not that easy, in fact, it can take quite a lot of work as well as hours of research to do the job. However, if you should hire someone that understands what he is doing, then this time can be shortened dramatically. Driving potential customers to your business should be done with as many avenues of internet traffic as possible.

The Internet is always evolving. There are new websites and services popping up all the time. The true savvy, connected professionals stay on top of the current trends. As well, any true professional would understand how to deliver the most marketing leverage for your money. Saving money while leveraging the massive power of the Internet is what is going to separate you from the rest of the realtors in your office or those in your local area.