Building up a law practice can be difficult. There are many things to consider. However, being an excellent lawyer really helps with this, so that is why you should leave your marketing to other more experienced people.

A Mistake To Steer Clear Of

One of the biggest mistakes many small business owners make is to try to do everything and take on every task. There simply is not enough time in the day to do that, furthermore, it is a waste of money to perform tasks you may not excel in. The basic economics of this is that you should focus the majority of your time on your specialty while allowing others you hired to do the same so you can grow your business.

Why Hire SEO Services For Your Law Firm?

Do you know and understand how the search engines rank websites? If not do you think it is worth your time and effort to do that? Simply put the search engines are updating their algorithms numerous times during the year. This can drive even the most dedicated SEO expert to insanity if not properly maintained. The factors to rank a website can change dramatically throughout the year.

When you have a website for your business you obviously want that website to leave a good impression for your future clients. Clearly, if you are consistently ranking for the top spots in Google, Yahoo, and Bing that will give confidence to your future customers that you are a solid business and not going to disappear anytime soon.

How you portray your online presence is just as important to your future customers as how often you could successfully argue their case. Designing the right website and getting it ranked will help in attracting the more affluent customers who can help propel your business into overdrive.

Marketing Of The Practice Of Law

Perhaps you have a general practice and operate all types of cases? If that is the case then optimizing your website for the most profitable types of law that you can practice could allow you to spend more time serving others in other types of law. Many lawyers get into practicing law because they hope to help others in their legal problems that can arise from day-to-day life.

Some types of cases can generate a lot of billable hours, and if you practice any type of corporate law then this can be a very lucrative part of your business. That is why it is so important that you get ranked in the search engines for the terms that are used by corporations to find experienced lawyers.

Utlilzing all the search engines is also a vital part of any marketing plan. Today you can really demonstrate your expertise and position yourself well if you know how to use websites such as YouTube,, and iTunes. Those websites are typically not considered to be search engines but they all use some sort of search technology to rank various items appropriately.

Leveraging Your Resources

As well, the best SEO firms will realize that you can generate a form of passive income from what you may already have at your disposal. For instance, do you have lectures on tape, or reports you have written in the past. If you can leverage those items so that you can increase your marketing exposure and also use those items to generate a stream of passive income that would surely help your business.

Choosing A Law Firm SEO Expert

Perhaps you have been approached by other so-called SEO experts in the past and have yielded little to no results? There is a reason for that, that is because when someone claims they can rank you for high traffic terms they don’t know if those terms actually generate in more customers or not. The best people out there in the market understand that to generate sales you have to find the best keywords that people are using to find lawyers. These are called buyer keywords and that is what separates a profitable law firm from one that is just teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.

If you value your business you may already be doing some form of PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising. That is where you may find the fastest ROI on your money spent. However, if you’re on-page SEO is out of whack then you will spend more per click then your competitor. That means to acquire the same amount of customers you will spend more money that is definitely not what you want to do.

You see the best SEO firms out there understand the benefits of using a PPC campaign along with any SEO campaign. These have to be used in combination with one another, without proper SEO, any PPC campaign is doomed. As well, a PPC campaign can rapidly tell you where your customers are coming from on the search engines. If you really get into advertising online combining this with a PPV campaign or a pay per view campaign then you will be able to reach more customers than you thought possible.


Leveraging the Internet takes some expertise. If you really wish to become successful at your law practice then you must use the Internet to your advantage and use every tool that is available. Hiring a law firm SEO expert is truly the way to go because many of these marketing campaigns will require a lot of time and expertise that would require the help of a passionate and experienced expert.