Did you know you may be losing business this very moment? You see people rely more on technology today than ever before, and that includes finding a local dentist. The impression you give online can greatly affect the quality and quantity of patients you attract to your practice.

Obtaining high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing can affect your business in a very positive way. The number of people who search on these websites daily is staggering. In fact, you may be losing your own customers to other dentists that took the time to get the top rankings in the search engines.

Back in the day marketing your practice was easier. Beforehand you could just put an ad in the Yellow pages or even the newspaper and be assured you would get some customers from that investment. However, those mediums are out of date, and while some may still use the Yellow pages and the newspaper if you neglect the reviews you receive on websites such as Yelp then you could dramatically damage your business in the future.

Why Outsource Your Dental SEO Work?

However, that all being said, it is downright impossible to maintain a dental practice and perform search engine optimization at the same time. The reason being is that the practice of SEO is a very time consuming endeavor. As well, this field of SEO is constantly changing. The number of updates to the Google Algorithm alone since 2008 number in the hundreds, do you think you could keep up with all of those changes and maintain your website’s top rankings at the same time?

Many doctors don’t go into their field of medicine to build websites and optimize them for the search engines that is simply not what you studied so many years in college to do. However, there are some people who really enjoy this activity and enjoy helping others rank their websites on the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

The Proper Marketing Plan Helps Generate Lots Of Leads

Given a proper marketing plan you can generate a lot of leads and potential customers. That could give you a lot more money to expand your practice and help out a lot of people. Not only are Google, Yahoo and Bing important to optimize but the other search engines you may never even consider are also important and should be incorporated into a marketing plan.

For instance, did you know that using Kindle eBooks as part of your marketing plan you can position yourself as an expert in your city? This would increase the number of people who could come to your dental practice. This also may help you secure free media spots in your local news station and possibly be considered for consultancy positions within those news organizations. That could give you another source of revenue that you may have never even considered.

Each year there is always some new procedure that comes out that seems to make the news or some confusion in regards to the existing procedures. Properly educating and explaining the problems with any procedure would help to educate future customers and give you more marketing exposure. This can be done easily with YouTube videos and even iTunes podcasts.

Are You Using All The Tools On The Internet?

You see both iTunes and YouTube are search engines that can be leveraged to help you get more customers. Any dental SEO expert would know how to leverage these tools to their most powerful effect. Using marketing leverage to its maximum ability can help you charge more and potentially help you get more affluent customers.

Properly leveraging YouTube and iTunes will take some time. Given that you want to build your practice long term it is only fair that you give these tools the time they need to actually work. The more positive exposure you can give to your dental practice the better off you will be, in many cases these small videos may result in immediate customers and an immediate return on your investment.

How To Find The Right Person For The Job?

Finding the right person to do this SEO for your website can be daunting. Everyone seems to claim to be an expert in this; however, few can deliver what they actually promise. The best bet to find someone is to see if they have actually ranked for competitive terms in your field before. For instance does this person have a website already up that is ranking for various search terms you need to expand your business? If not then it would be advisable to make sure you only pay for leads that you can verify came from your hired SEO.

At the very least the person that you hire should demonstrate a passion for doing SEO work for your local community. If they don’t have a portfolio of local businesses perhaps they may have a lot of other websites they have built in the past that they can show you, along with how they ranked on the various search engines.

Building a business today involves a lot more than it did 5 or even 10 years ago. There are numerous areas where customers can voice their opinion about you and finding out how to deal with that feedback can be daunting to any small business owner. The justification to outsource any dental SEO work today is mostly due to time constraints and a lack or need to understand how the various websites may fit in your overall marketing plan.