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The SEO industry is wide and has its own share of bad characters. Fortunately, it is easy to avoid such companies if you know what you are looking for. We detest teachers with a history of crime, salespeople with too much mustache wax and everybody else who perpetually hangs earphones around the neck. But how do we view professions such SEO that do not have clear warning signs?

Let us see how to differentiate the reliable Dallas SEO company from bogus companies.

Past Clients Are A Good Sign

It is usual for a company to display its portfolio when it comes to seek for your attention. Would you hesitate to work with a firm that has previously worked with Harvard University or Coca-cola? If they are good enough for a major company or industry, chances are they are for you too. Therefore, compare how they react to the question about their past clients. If there is some shuttering as they create the answer, then you may just as well hesitate to be on their client list.

SEO And Social Media Are Inseparable

social mediaIn this era of social media revolution, many things, including search engine optimization, are evolving. You will realize that most SEO companies hate the idea of discussing their social media performance. Since social media and SEO are slowly merging, a true SEO company should have a working strategy about the use of the two media. Ask the firm whether they incorporate social media in their services. is an SEO firm in Dallas that is forward thinking and excitedly uses social media and search engine optimization.

Realistic Promises

When looking for SEO company in Dallas be wary of establishments that give uncharacteristic big promises. For instance, they may claim to have the capability of giving you a number one ranking on Google. Unless they are the majority shareholders at Google, no one can guarantee of such results.

How To Measure The Promise

So, how do approach this matter? Ask them the guarantees they have for your return on investment. Identify the firm that promises to work hard month in month out to improve your organic search engine performance. Firms that come out as favoring short cuts and quick fixes are a complete no. Search engines have a way of identifying crude practices and punishing the culprits dearly.

What Is The Effect Of Google Updates?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery website is prone to the adverse effects of Google updates such as Penguin and Panda. At we constantly receive complaints about dropping online traffic in mysterious circumstances. After inquiry and investigations, we learn that they hired unscrupulous Dallas SEO company agents who engaged in the undesirable black hat search engine optimization practices. To steer away from such scenarios, get a firm that demonstrates minimal or no effect from Google updates. Big adjustments should be evidence enough that the firm engages in shortcuts and has to restart once updates strike.

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